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Kyle’s Quesadillas

Kyle's Quesadillas

This quesadilla is inspired by my older brother Kyle because he always orders unique combinations on his pizza, usually involving pineapple. I always thought it was weird because my favorite toppings were pretty traditional…cheese, sausage, pepperoni… etc. Pineapple belongs in pineapple upside down cake, not pizza! Wrong! This combination changed my mind. Kyle ordered a pizza with bbq sauce, bacon, jalapenos, and pineapple. Seriously, one of the best flavor combinations ever.

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Roasted BBQ Chicken Thighs

This morning I woke up ready to conquer the day. I did an hour of blogilates (thanks Cassie!), got ready, and even ate breakfast at home. I’m usually more of a quick smoothie in a travel mug kind of girl. Then, I get to work and I realize…. I totally forgot to put the chicken in the crock pot. How did I forget to put the chicken in the crock pot?! It was going to be a delicious bbq pulled chicken on a sandwich thin with some crunchy, refreshing broccoli slaw. The chicken thighs would cook all day until they were falling apart, but they never made it to their slow cooker destination. So, on to plan b. Roasting! Roasting veggies, meat, anything really is one of my all time favorite cooking methods. Crank the oven to 425, season, pop the chicken thighs in, flip halfway through and you are done. Low maintenance, just like my no heat curls today.