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Mushroom and Turkey Lettuce Cups

Ahhh, the month of January. Health food month. I kicked off the new year with a bit of a cleanse. It was a 3 day liquid diet filled with smoothies and soup. I would say it really worked for me. Yes, I lost some water weight that comes back when you start to eat normally… I know. However, taking those 3 days to really zone in on what I was eating helped to refocus myself on my fitness goals. I feel the best when I am eating healthy. (Yeah, nothing really groundbreaking about that one, but it is true!)

Since then, I have been cutting back on my heavy carbs in the evening. So at dinner, I have been shying away from things like tortillas, bread, buns, etc. However, I never want to feel deprived. Queue the lettuce wraps. For some reason being able to pick these up and eat them is more satisfying to me then eating them knife and fork style. Anyone else? Try it! Let me know what you think. These are so delicious, pretty, and fun to eat!