Soothing Oats & Honey Face Mask

My skin has been all over the place lately. Red, inflamed, acne prone, dry patches, oily spots… you name it. I knew that I needed something to soothe and calm my skin, so I went with a throwback from my teen years. Its a simple concoction of ground oats and raw honey with a splash of water. These are simple ingredients that are staples in my pantry. I tend to reach for all natural skin care options when possible.

I like to grind the oats into a fine powder in my vitamix, but you can use your fingers if you prefer. Both work just fine, but the blender will produce a finely ground powder.

Then, mix in the honey and a splash of water to create a spreadable paste.

Apply the mask to a clean face. Leave the mixture on until dry, rinse, and you are left with a fresh, less red face.

1/4 cup oat flour

1 tbs raw honey

a splash of water



xo Ali Taylor




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